Thursday Evening Competition

About Thursday Evening Tennis

Our Thursday Night fixtures cater for the intermediate to the advanced tennis players in our club. The fixtures are played around a very enjoyable evening's tennis and most of the players stay on for a couple of cold refreshments after the matches

  • Players of intermediate to advanced ability
  • Two divisions help keep standards consistent
  • Mixed competition
  • 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm, Thursday evening
  • All doubles
  • Players ranked within teams
  • Teams of 4 or more, with 3 playing each match
  • Competitive, but friendly
  • Contact Melinda Dawson on 0419 164 025
Thursday Night Tennis

These fixtures cater for a wide range of standards separated into two divisions. There is an optional promotion-relegation system operating at the end of each season to allow for the parity of standards to be maintained between the two divisions.

The fixtures are played on Thursday evenings between 7:00 pm and approximately 9:30 pm. The post-match atmosphere is very friendly, with team mates and opposition players conducting post-mortems of what might-have-been over a few liquid refreshments.

Teams consist of four players or more of which three play any given match. The players are ranked within teams to make the tennis as even as possible. Matches consist of 6 sets, each of which is 8 games (two serves each, short deuces) to ensure that matches finish at a predictable time. The teams are relatively self-sustaining in membership terms, but new players can be placed in teams with the help of the fixture coordinator (Melinda Dawson). Two fixture seasons are held each year.

The Thursday Night Committee which currently helps run the competition is as follows:
Melinda Dawson - Phone: 0419 164 025
Les Finney - Phone: 0430 294 206

Players Wanted for Thursday Night Fixtures, if interested phone/text Melinda on 0419 164 025

Div 1 Rules Div 2 Rules

Fixture Draws

fixture draw

RLTA club members who play in regular tennis fixtures at the centre have access to the draws and results from those competitions.

Draws (members only)

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