Brisbane Seniors Tennis

Brisbane Senior Tennis (veterans tennis) is very popular in Brisbane for the more serious tennis players over the age of 35 who like to compete in competitions and play tennis against a great mix of players.

Currently the RLTA has two veterans tennis teams entered into the Brisbane Senior Tennis Competition who usually play every 3rd Sunday of the month. These teams are known as the Cleveland Koolcats and the Red Devils and play in the second division.

The Brisbane Seniors caters for all standards of play with teams entered into one of 3 divisions. If you don't want to commit to a team or are new to the area, fill in players are always required.

In brief:

  • Mature players (35+), wily, cunning and skilled
  • Team from the RLTA playing in a Brisbane Seniors competition at various centres around Brisbane
  • 12:00pm to 5:00pm, some Sunday afternoons
  • All doubles
  • Teams of 8 or more, with 6 playing each match
  • Four men and two ladies play each match

Visit the Brisbane Senior Tennis site to access registration forms for your team or contact the team Coordinator, Lindy Splinder on 0410 252 731.

Brisbane Seniors

Fixture Draws

RLTA club members who play in regular tennis fixtures at the centre have access to the draws and results from those competitions.

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Is it raining?

We will try to inform players as to the playability of courts at the RLTA complex at Cleveland show ground at times of inclement weather.

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