Saturday Afternoon Fixtures

About Saturday Afternoon Tennis Fixtures

  • Players of above average ability
  • Includes men, women and teenagers
  • 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Saturday
  • All doubles
  • Players ranked within teams
  • Teams of 5, with 4 playing each Saturday
  • Competitive, but relaxed and friendly
  • Ring Coordinator Kym Reimers (0407 597 915) or the Pro Shop (07 3821 0337)
Mid-week Ladies Tennis

Our Saturday Afternoon fixtures cater for competitive tennis players of above average ability, whether they be teenagers full of youthful exuberance or more mature members who rely to a large degree on patience, guile and cunning.

These Saturday fixtures are played between 1:00 pm and approximately 5:00 pm. Teams consist of five players of which four play on any given Saturday. Matches consist of 8 sets, each of which is 8 games (two serves each). The captains, who are appointed by the RLTA, select their teams from the list of available players at the beginning of each season. Two fixture seasons are held each year.

The competition is relatively relaxed (except around finals time) and the atmosphere is very friendly. It provides a great way to de-stress at the end of a busy week, get some moderate exercise and meet new friends.

Contact the Pro Shop on 07) 3821 0337 or Kym on 0407 597 915 if you are interested in playing.

Fixture Draws

RLTA club members who play in regular tennis fixtures at the centre have access to the draws and results from those competitions.

Draws (members only)

Is it raining?

We will try to inform players as to the playability of courts at the RLTA complex at Cleveland show ground at times of inclement weather.

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