Friday Evening Fixtures

Friday Evening Singles and Double

  • Players of intermediate to advanced ability
  • Three divisions help keep standards consistent
  • Each player plays one singles and one doubles
  • Friday evenings, comps run for a term
  • Played between 6:30 pm and about 8:30 pm
  • Points accrue personally in each match
  • Promotion & relegation at the end of each term
  • Ring Pro-shop on 07) 3821 0337
Mid-week Ladies Tennis

These fixtures cater for a those players looking to play singles and to test their abilities against their fellow club members. They also provide a transition for the better junior players as they progress through the ranks and want to test themselves against the more experienced senior players

There are currently three divisions and each player will play one singles and one doubles within their division. Points from each game go towards a player's personal score. At the end of each term, the player with the highest score in their division will be promoted to the next higher division, while the lowest will drop to the next lower division

Fixture Draws

RLTA club members who play in regular tennis fixtures at the centre have access to the draws and results from those competitions.

Draws (members only)

Is it raining?

We will try to inform players as to the playability of courts at the RLTA complex at Cleveland show ground at times of inclement weather.

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